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If you are like me, you want to know where to eat. If you like Bar-B-Que, a visit to Big Hoffa's is a must. You will want to make this a team stop. My personal favorite is the Hoffinator!

Gym Key and Info

Add'l Information
Six courts
Westfield High School
Multipurpose Facility
Enter door 13
18250 North Union Street, Westfield
Two Courts
Westfield Intermediate School
North & South Gym
Enter door 2
326 West Main Street, Westfield
Two Courts
Westfield Middle School
East and West Gyms
Enter door 5
345 W Hoover St. Westfield
One Court
Monon Trail
One Gym
Enter door
19400 Tomlinson Rd. Westfield
One Court
Oak Trace
One Gym
Enter door
16504 Oak Ridge Rd. Westfield
Four Courts
Pacers Athletic Center
Courts 5-8
200 E 186th St A Westfiled
Five Courts
Noblesville Boys and Girls Club Community Center
Gym 1-5
150 N 17th St. Noblesville
Two Courts
Noblesville Middle School East
Enter door 5
1625 Field Drive Noblesville
Three Courts
Noblesville Middle School West
19900 Hague Rd. Noblesville