Here are some additional notes and information on the classic.

Coaches will need to check in up to an hour before first game at at your sceduled game location to collect any last minute event information and bench credentials.

We are following this CDC Guidance as well as local helth department guidelines.
Parents/Fans may follow the action from the comfort of your own home

Things to know: Although guaranteed three games, you could be as many as 7 games if you don't get eliminated. Pool play followed by an elimination tournament starting Sunday morning. We post all pool play, and bracketed tournament in exposure events web site. Download the Hoosier Co-Op app to follow your teams online. It is possible you could play your first bracket game Saturday night! I encourage you to check your schedule for update following and before each game. Well over 100 teams for some years now. Thanks to you and your overwhelming response! Firt team listed, or top team in the bracket will be the home team. Each team will be required to provide a book or clock keeper for each game. The tournament will be run under AAU rules for scoring pool play and other rule interpretation, including bench personnel. The following are modifications :

Game Timing : we will employ a 14 minute half for 3-8th, and 16 minute half for 9th and up. A 8-minute warm-up should be allowed for all games. Warm-up may be shortened to a minimum of 2 minutes. Halftime for all age groups will be 4 minutes. Halftime may be shortened to a minimum of 2 minutes. Time Outs will be (2) Full 75 seconds, (2) 30 seconds

Modified Mercy Rule : Anytime, one team is ahead by 20 points or more, a running clock will be used. (If trailing team cuts the margin to 19 or less, then the usual stop-clock will be used.)

We will be providing concessions at all games. We are trying to pattern the event in line with what you will find in your AAU events. For those who are traveling long distance, or have early/late games, our local hotels are providing some specials if you ask for the contact person and let them know you are playing this weekend. There will be a $15 Daily pass. We will have tournament passes available for $25 and $75 for your immediate family.

For accommodation or event help Contact John Towle, Sports Development Manager, Hamilton County Sports Authority,

Phone : (317) 848-3181
Fax : (317) 848-3191
E-mail :
Website :

I welcome any comments or suggestions you may have. If the brackets look lopsided, or you have a serious time concern? If you have any rule interpretation, or rule question? Email them to me or call 317-663-0665.

The first youth division (typically 3rd grade), will play under the rules adopted by IGHL. Specifically :

  • There will be no pressing on defense, (pressing will be allowed last 3 minutes of 4th quarter and overtime) the defense can begin after the offensive player crosses mid-court. (MAN TO MAN DEFENSE ONLY) (Double teaming Allowed Below Free Throw line extended)
  • Free throw line will be 12 feet.
  • Overtime will be two minutes. If the first overtime ends in a tie, the second overtime will be sudden death.
  • Lane violations will be called after 5 seconds.

The single elimination bracketed tournament will be seeded by your performance in pool play.

If you still need to send a check or roster to the club treasurer. The address is :
Hoosier Co-Op
PO Box 772
Westfield, IN 4607